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Why use Electro Coagulation for Waste Water? 

  • Chemical free waste water recycling & purification plant development, commissioning & ongoing servicing
  • Targeted reduction in water consumption & charges – recycling
  • Reduce effluent disposal & sewerage costs & penalties - purification

 Electrocoagulation - Benefits

1. Low Capital Costs
2. Low Operating Costs
3. Low power requirements
4. Low maintenance
5. Generally no chemical additions
6. Small Space Requirements
7. Easy operation and high automation degree
8. Instantaneous Treatment
9. Handles a wide variation in the waste stream and treats multiple contaminants
10. Residual concentrations in effluent are far lower than most chemical processes
11. Up to 70% less Sludge
12. Sludge Stabilisation
13. Removal of negatively charged salts such as nitrate, phosphate, fluorides, cyanide, arsenide, molybdenum, sulphide, chromate, silicate and so on
14. Removal of positively charged heavy metals such as copper, cadmium, nickel, lead, antimony, zinc, chrome and so on.

Waste Water Treatment - Electro Coagulation : TYPICAL USES

Ground Water Treatment

(1) Extremely effective in the removal of naturally occurring salts in well water as well as the separation of calcium, magnesium

(2) Can reclaim ground water previously contaminated with high molecular weight hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons

Surface Water Cleanup

(1) EC technology will remove bacteria, viruses, and cysts from surface water, providing potable water from contaminated waste streams
(2) Can remove such life active contaminants as Cryptosporiopsin and Giardiasis from waste streams

Processing of Industrial Rinse and Wash Waters
(1) Cleans waters from electroplating, circuit board, textile and dye industries
(2) Can be used to clean in the mining industry, steel production industry and paint rinse waters

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