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Aqua Trip Leak Detection

AquaTrip is a permanently installed and patented Leak Detection System with an inbuilt control valve to automatically shut off the water supply if a leak or a burst pipe is detected.


AquaTrip acts like a safety trip switch for your water supply, protecting you from excess water bills, minimising property water damage and conserving scarce water resource


Using leading edge technology to eliminate the cost and waste of water lost to leaks, failed plumbing pipes and fittings, wastage, neglect and vandalism in all Private, Public and Commercial properties and buildings.


The Water Leak Safety Trip Switch 

  • A dynamic innovative Australian Invention
  • Using Patented Intelligent Technology
  • Watermark Certified High Quality Build Standards
  • SABS Approved – SANS 1808-35
  • Automatic or Manual Operation 
  • Fully Programmable
  • Exclusion Periods  (Sleep Mode)
  • Leak Systems Check
  • Trip Count Record
  • Never without water
  • Low initial purchase cost 
  • High reward ratio – reduce costs, increase savings
  • Simple One button operation
  • Low maintenance and very long service life
  • Makes buildings more sustainable
  • Safeguards against plumbing failures
  • Users pay for only the water they actually use
  • Maximise the Councils water supply by never wasting any of the available resources
  • Preventing a leak is like adding water to the Supply
Where can AquaTrip be used?
  • Public Buildings, e.g. schools, sports, centres, prisons, libraries, halls, unmanned facilities.
  • Public Toilets, Parks and Camp Grounds
  • Stadium Toilet Blocks    
  • Farms, Agricultural Holdings
  • Rainwater Tanks and Water Storage Facilities
  • New and Existing Homes
  • Beach Showers/Toilet Facilities
  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings    
How will AquaTrip reduce consumption?
AquaTrip will detect all leaks and thus eliminate all unknown water wastage.
  • Dripping Taps
  • Taps left running
  • Vandalised facilities
  • Cracked or burst pipes
  • Faulty Pressure relief valves
  • Leaking toilet cisterns & urinals
  • Loose or worn plumbing fittings

How does AquaTrip work ? 

  • AquaTrip is permanently installed on the incoming main water supply to the property
  • AquaTrip monitors the flow of water and will shut off the supply if it detects a leak.
  • This leak could be caused by a burst pipe, a leaking toilet cistern, a tap left running, or some other plumbing failure
  • AquaTrip can differentiate between normal use and a plumbing failure or leak
  • AquaTrip is fully programmable to suit each property or user and has no impact or affect on normal water usage.
How can AquaTrip save money?
  • A single tap losing several drops a second (1 ml) will waste  3.6 litres per hour, or 86 litres per day or over 30,000 litres per year......= R180 Per Year
  • A toilet with an invisible silent leak (2ml per second) will waste approx  7 litres per hour or 172 litres per day or over 60,000 litres per year!  = R360000 Per Year
  • An audibly leaking or running toilet can waste over 60,000 litres in just one week= R360 Per Week
  • A burst pipe or tap left fully open will waste around 60 litres per minute or 86,000 litres per day 600,000 litres a week
  • In a community of 50,000 residential properties there will be approx 750,000 water fittings, if 4% (30,000) of the taps, fittings or appliances lose several drops a second this equates to filling up 15,000 average size swimming pools or over 600 million litres each year - a saving to the consumer (@ R6 per KL) of R3.6 Million per Year
  • There are over 70,000 reported Insurance claims for water damage caused by leaks or burst pipes costing nearly R300 million each year 
Real Time Public Sector example savings


Schools A

An AquaTrip system installed in public schools toilet facilities detect vandalised taps & Leaks within days of installation.  AquaTrip isolated the leaks and saved over 250,000 litres of water,- R360000 in the year.


GrowthPoint Properties

A faulty irrigation systems at the Oval was losing 20,000 litres per day prior to installation of AquaTrip. Had AquaTrip been installed prior to the incident, the loss of millions of litres of water would have been prevented, as it would have been detected as soon as it occurred. AquaTrip now monitors that facility and has saved 71% on water costs.


Barloworld Properties Woodmead

 AquaTrip was asked to install at VW Volkswagen in Woodmead due to excessive water bills. After installation, the properties usage dropped by 50% saving the dealership over R5000 per month on their water account. The installation paid for itself within the first 3months.


67 Schools in Cape Town

An Aquatrip installed on trial in a quiet suburban park toilet block detected a toilet with a small silent invisible leak losing the equivalent of a swimming pool of water each year. This one single toilet was costing R2000 pa in excess water bills and is just one of hundreds of public toilets in that councils jurisdiction


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