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Waste Water Management 

  • Cost of Industrial Water Use Escalating Rapidly
  • ›Cost of waste processing to industrial clients
  • ›Cost to Potable Water Escalating by a minimum of  14% p.a
  • ›Cost/Impact of using water treatment chemicals
Specialists in chemical free waste water recycling & purification plant development, commissioning & ongoing servicing
  • Targeted reduction in water consumption & charges – recycling
  • ›Reduce effluent disposal & sewerage costs & penalties - purification
Solution Overview 
›Without Waste Water Recycling





›Water Recycling Plant Installed







Mobile, Modular  Water Treatment Plants



  • ›Mobile - mounted on skids, moveable
  • ›Modular - built-in redundancy, scalable,
  • ›Customised according to recycling & purification requirements





Key Benefits for Industrial Clients

1.Real reduction in water consumption p.a.
2.Minimum savings of 20% on rapidly escalating water costs
3.Decrease in annual sewerage charges.
4.Targeted elimination of effluent disposal penalties – better water quality discharged into sewer.
5.Environmental responsible operations – chemical free treatment
6.Reduced reliance on public infrastructure
7.Fully financed solution that is funded through opex savings achieved

Fast Fact 

  • SA’s water A looming apocalypse 
  • Over billion liters of waste water per day
  • 2/3 of our national water is contaminated
  • One third of 231 ­local municipalities do not have the capacity to perform their ­sanitation functions
  • discharge of bacteria into rivers and streams
  • SA’s water A looming apocalypse
  • South Africa will have to spend R23-billion to prevent the collapse of the wastewater treatment system
  • More than 90 % of municipalities are unable to meet the water quality standard
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