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Water Management Information Systems

Proudly South African technology solution, Flow smart assist in resolving client's requirements which include water meters, flow control system, water purification systems, pressure reducing valves, monitoring instruments, billing and water management systems. We supply an all in one solution covering:


  • Water management and control system (Pre-determined volume or daily allowance)
  • Automatic meter reading (AMR)
  • Satellite Communication World Wide
  • Prepaid Metering
  • Bi-directional control
  • Customer user interface
  • Purchase credit from Mobile phone( Pre-paid)
  • Can be housed in a surface or above ground meter box
  • Supported by a complete meter reading data management and billing Solution 


Water Management 

  • Water supply network analysis.
  • Operational network modelling.
  • Leakage control management.
  • Water audits & balancing.
  • Pressure management.
  • Meter selection, sizing.
  • Implementation of Quality Systems & Regulations.





Civil Works: Installation of pipes, valves, meters I Water connections I Under pressure drilling I Sealing of concrete chambers

Mechanical: Pump MaintenancePRV Maintenance I Meter Maintenance 

Electrical: Installation of telemetry systems for Reservoirs & Towers Pump control systems I Instrumentation systems, level & monitoring control


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