water is life!

The Largest, least expensive and most environmentally sound source of WATER to meet our future demands or needs is the fresh water  currently being WASTED in every sector of our economy”. 

who we are...

Established in 2013, NuLeaf is a Level 2 BEE rated Water Conservation Solutions Company which assists organisations,government institutions, businesses, and commercial properties reduce Fresh Water Consumption by  enhancing a water saving culture. 

Recycle Waste Water I Reuse – Used Water I Re-purpose I Reduce -promoting adoption water saving products & processes I Respect-Water 

our mission & values

“To Enhance Water Security for Business, Organisations and Institutions Across Southern Africa”

  1. Sustainable Job Creation
  2. Complete Integrity
  3. Client Service Excellence
  4.  Creative & Customized Solutions

Water Management Systems

Online Water Monitoring
Consumption Data Analysis Automated Usage

Quick Wins: Efficient Water Saving Devices

Waterless Urinals
One Touch Taps
Water Restrictors
Eco-Shower Heads Leak Less- Valves Water Ionizers

Specialized Services

Water Divining Borehole Drilling Pre-treatment Water Solutions Back-Up Water Systems Ozone Generators Build & Installation

Sewer Treatment Plants

French Drains Installations Treatment & Maintenance Enzymes Treatment

Efficient Irrigation Systems

Design & Installation

Automated Irrigation Systems

Water Recycling

Car Wash Water Recycling
Laundry Water Recycling Rain Water Harvesting

Leak Detection

Monitor Leaks 24/7

Reduce & Manage Leaks

Technology Supply & Install

Ozone Generator Ultra Violet Sterilizer Reverse Osmosis 3-Stage Filtration Vessels

Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving Devices

Solar Geysers

Control Panels