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Save a Litre...Save a Life!


NuLeaf is a Water Conservation Solutions Company which assists organisations, institutions, businesses and commercial properties reduce Fresh Water Consumption and save Money in their existing environment. 


We are committed to assisting clients achieve the following Water Goals:

  • Reduce Water Consumption              
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint                          
  • Reduce Operation Cost
  • Save Money/Water           
  • Integrate Green Technology                           
  • Management Information System
  • Waste Water Treatment - Use Water more Efficiently            
  • Behavioural Change towards water conserving culture
  • Environmental  Impact         

As you think about setting your goals, consider the water supply in your community and what challenges you may face in the future. Show your community your commitment to protecting the resource. Demonstrate good stewardship by establishing goals that use water in the most efficient way possible. 

Green Technology

!00% Waterless Urinal System


Management information system

Leak Detection

Minimize damage and water loss